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Oct 10, 2014 Greenpeace's campaign against Shell's Arctic drilling has forced Lego to end its 50-year partnership with the oil giant. But are  Oct 13, 2014 LEGO has cut ties with Shell after a successful Greenpeace campaign drew massive public support against the oil giant drilling in the Arctic. Nov 26, 2016 In April 2016, LEGO terminated its relationship with Shell due to a successful campaign by Greenpeace and growing public awareness of  Jul 1, 2014 Environmental group Greenpeace staged a protest today at Legoland in Windsor, England, targeting Lego for their partnership with Shell, The  Oct 9, 2014 gas stations after a Greenpeace campaign protesting against Arctic drilling. A video by the environmental group showing Lego toys drowning  Oct 9, 2014 A campaign by environmentalist group Greenpeace, including a video featuring an oil leak swallowing an Arctic community built entirely out of  Jul 8, 2014 Specifically, Greenpeace's campaign is responding to an expansion in a partnership between LEGO and Shell that would sell toy cars with the  Danish toy-brick maker Lego Group has been manufacturing play sets with Shell the Greenpeace's campaign may have already caused damage to Lego's  Jan 2, 2015 In October 2014, LEGO caved in to a consumer boycott. Not that it was a formal boycott. LEGO faced a Greenpeace campaign consisting of a  Jul 23, 2014 He added that Greenpeace was wrong to target LEGO as part of its ongoing campaign against Shell's plans to drill for oil in the Arctic. Oct 9, 2014 Lego ditches deal with Shell over Greenpeace oil spill video toy manufacturer as a means of protest against Shell's extensive drilling activities in the Arctic.

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Unrelated to the Greenpeace campaign, Lego has pl Oct 15, 2014 Contrast that against a new campaign from Greenpeace. A piano plays slowly as scenes of Legos in a winter wonderland flash across the  Oct 10, 2014 It comes three months after a Greenpeace campaign to prevent the LEGO is not the first company to struggle against a fossil fuel industry. Sep 29, 2015 Category: blogs, energy Tags: ABP, Alaska, climate change, disaster, environment, Environmental campaign, Greenpeace, leak, Lego,  Oct 9, 2014 Lego Breaks Shell Partnership, Pushed by Greenpeace Video Campaign Greenpeace has scored another major victory in its savvy social- and  Nov 3, 2014 A recent campaign by Greenpeace targeted iconic toy manufacturer Lego in Protests against Exxon and the oil industry shortly after the event inspired At Lego theme parks, activists leafleted visitors and replicated Greenpeace campaign, video lead to toy maker's decision to let relationship expire. Oct 9, 2014 Danish toy maker Lego says it won't renew a deal allowing Shell to hand out Lego sets at gas stations in some 30 countries, following a viral  Oct 9, 2014 A Greenpeace campaign targeted the toy company for teaming up with Big Oil. Lego to discontinue Shell-themed toys after Greenpeace campaign The Lego Group, the company that makes children's favourite Lego toy construction sets, is to  Greenpeace wanted to invigorate the well-established Save the Arctic campaign to attract enough new supporters to take on Shell's partnership with LEGO. Oct 9, 2014 Lego has bowed to increasing pressure from Greenpeace and ended its marketing partnership with Shell, saying it will not renew its contract  Oct 9, 2014 Chile to protest against Shell's oil search in the Artic region, and also to "The Greenpeace campaign uses the Lego brand to target Shell.

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We promise that we’ll never sell or swap your details and you can opt out at any time - check our privacy policy. And if you don’t want us to phone you, please tick this box. Jul 8, 2014 This morning, Greenpeace published an animated campaign video that uses LEGO's toys to show an idyllic arctic scene which then gets  Oct 9, 2014 Environmental campaign group Greenpeace has protested about the oil giant's plans to drill in the Arctic and targeted Lego with a YouTube video  Oct 9, 2014 Amid the campaign, Lego said it would continue the relationship and urged Greenpeace to deal directly with Shell about its allegations.

Greenpeace campaign against lego

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chafing against Habsburg rule, and became independent in 1815. In 1971, Greenpeace was born – in Vancouver.

Greenpeace campaign against lego

John Sauven, executive director of Greenpeace UK, said the response from the public to its campaign had been extraordinary in terms of scale and -creativity. 2014-07-21 · Greenpeace gets involved. The international conservation group has launched a social media campaign against Shell Oil and Lego, which are giving Lego race cars to children while hawking gasoline to their parents. The two companies have maintained a marketing partnership for more than 50 years. In July 2014, Greenpeace launched a global boycott campaign to persuade Lego to cease producing toys carrying the oil company Shell's logo in response to Shell's plans to drill for oil in the Arctic. Lego's partnership with Shell dates back to the 1960s, although the LEGO company created a fictional oil company called Octan .
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Greenpeace campaign against lego

Learn more about what Greenpeace is doing to protect our natural world for future generations. Danish toy-maker Lego announced on Wednesday it was cutting ties with Royal Dutch Shell after an extended campaign by the environmental group Greenpeace. "The Greenpeace campaign uses the Lego Lego ends Shell partnership following Greenpeace campaign 9 October 2014, source edie newsroom Toymaker will not renew current multimillion pound deal, that sees Shell-branded Lego sets sold at petrol stations, following a viral video against Arctic drilling by the green group. Greenpeace states that once the partnership between Lego and Shell has ended these bricks will be donated to a local school. Sue Palmer, UK childhood expert and author of Toxic Childhood, is supporting the campaign, stating that Shell is using Lego to normalise its “toxic brand” to the next generation. Greenpeace says that according to figures released in a video celebrating the Lego/Shell collaboration over 16 million Shell-branded Lego sets have been sold or given away at petrol stations in 26 countries, which have not only helped Shell sell more petrol (an increase of 7.5 per cent increase during the promotion), it is also starting to build brand loyalty with the next generation of Greenpeace activists ran a long and high-profile campaign to close down the Kingsnorth coal and oil-fired power station in Medway, Kent and have claimed they were instrumental in the plants Five Greenpeace campaigns against companies: Lego, Barbie and Shell Following Greenpeace's latest campaign against Lego, a look at five of its most high profi UPDATE: Great news!

Dozens of children built giant Arctic animals out of LEGO on the doorstep of Shell’s London HQ, in playful protest of their favorite toy’s partnership with the oil company planning to drill the Arctic. Environmental campaign group Greenpeace launched a global campaign against Danish toy company Lego over its advertising partnership with Shell on Tuesday. The campaign group has requested Lego stop making toys with Shell’s logo on, suggesting the partnership is contradictory of Lego’s attitude towards the conservation of the environment. Environmental campaign group Greenpeace has protested about the oil giant’s plans to drill in the Arctic and targeted Lego with a YouTube video that attracted nearly 6 million views for its depiction of a pristine Arctic, built from 120kg of Lego, being covered in oil. Greenpeace activists staged a three-month campaign against Lego's marketing relationship with Shell. Lego is set to ditch a 50-year relationship with Shell after coming under intense pressure over One of the more important tactics in Greenpeace’s campaign against LEGO involved an ingenious use of LEGOs.

Greenpeace campaign against lego

Greenpeace activists re-branded LEGO’s Czech factory - one of their three main production centres around the world - with a Shell logo, an oil spill, and giant unhappy minifigures, cleaning it up. 24 hours later, at the LEGO HQ in Billund, Denmark, the place where the company was founded in 1932; more Greenpeace activists appeared. The campaign targets LEGO’s supply chain, not a hazard directly associated with its products. That doesn’t create the same alarm as toxic content or some other health hazard.

Leksaksföretaget Lego har nyligen sagt upp sitt avtal med Daily Mail efter att told the Stop Funding Hate campaign: “We have finished the agreement with relationship with Shell in 2014 after a Greenpeace video highlighted the  Ella Jakubowska, policy and campaigns officer på European Digital Rights EDRI. The effectiveness of eight nonpharmaceutical interventions against COVID-19 in 41 Frida Bengtsson campaigner vid Greenpeace, renforskaren vid Polarinstitutet Del 5: Nobelupptäckterna – Donna Strickland från lego till laserkniv (R) Greenpeace/M. Greensboro/M Legendre. Leger/M. Leghorn.
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Greenpeace knows that they cannot effectively pressure Shell directly but can produce results by pressuring well-known companies that associate with them. October 9 2014 was a big day in eco-activism: Lego announced that it would not renew a product-placement deal with Shell, following concerted pressure from Greenpeace as part of a campaign to ban 2014-11-07 The film is the latest phase in Greenpeace’s campaign to get Lego to end its ties with Shell, after the Danish toymaker released a statement defending its association with the brand last week. The ad features a solemn cover version of the theme song from The Lego Movie, "Everything is Awesome." Greenpeace activists also targeted Legoland in Windsor by dressing as Lego figures, while the campaign video, entitled “Everything is not awesome” attracted 5.9m views. John Sauven, executive director of Greenpeace UK, said the response from the public to its campaign had been extraordinary in terms of scale and -creativity. Following a Greenpeace campaign that used Lego’s tiny plastic figures and bricks to mock Shell and its oil-drilling plans in the Arctic, Lego said Oct. 8 that it would … 2014-07-21 A few years ago, we wrote about Greenpeace targeting Mattel.Through its “Ken dumps Barbie” campaign, Greenpeace was able to “force” Mattel to avoid using controversial packaging sources at that time (mainly Asia Pulp and Paper). This year, Greenpeace has set its sights on another manufacturer of children’s toys: LEGO, that venerable institution of childhood, the one that helped us Greenpeace’s campaign against Shell’s Arctic drilling has forced Lego to end its 50-year partnership with the oil giant. But are environmentalists really just going for the soft targets?

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10720 Polishelikopter; 10721 Iron Man vs Loki; 10722 Ormduell /2014/october/comment-on-the-greenpeace-campaign-and-the-lego-brand. Greenpeace är en oberoende miljöorganisation som är helt bekostad av donationer från vanliga människor världen över. Vi tar inte emot  Two British Greenpeace activists to appear in Russian court - Climate Change Digital #storytelling lessons from the campaign to free the Arctic 30 - # Minifigure protest against Lego's partnership with Shell at the Newcastle vegan festival. 9 oktober 2014 var en stor dag i ekoaktivism: Lego meddelade att det inte skulle förnya en produktplaceringsaffär med Shell, efter samordnat tryck från  Välkända danska leksakskoncernen LEGO kommer som första stora leksakstillverkare att sluta med f&. LEGO har nu reagerat på Greenpeace-rapporten och beslutat att man bland annat ska bryta samarbetet Ad sales - Nordic campaigns. Image credit: Jonne Sippol/Greenpeace, Erlend Tellnes/Greenpeace Norge.